Please enjoy browsing the most recent websites I have created for the nonprofit organizations, churches and ministries whom I serve. If you would like to have a free website for your cause, please contact me now.

Pray Oregon

View this work at About Pray Oregon: We believe the Holy Spirit birthed and leads Pray Oregon. Our call is to work together, build bridges relationally unto prayer and encouraging relationship with Jesus across Oregon. We also believe that there is great value in developing relationships at the city level where prayer efforts can … Continue reading Pray Oregon

I-5 Diamond Prayer Network

View this work at About the I-5 Diamond Prayer Network: Betty Denney A woman who was called by God to start a prayer network and answered the call with this ministry. Betty has led several groups of prayer for Oregon, California and Israel. What is the I5 Diamond? The I5 Diamond is a prayer … Continue reading I-5 Diamond Prayer Network

Liberty Adoption Advocates

View this work at About Liberty Adoption Advocates: From Jolie Wolcott: While raising eight children here in Washington (five natural, three foster with legal guardianship), the financial barriers faced by families who wish to adopt children soon became apparent. For a couple of years, I volunteered for a no fee adoption agency in Seattle, … Continue reading Liberty Adoption Advocates

Better World Meditation

View this work at About Better World Meditation: Better World Meditation Center was founded in 2015 by Steven Kriger. Steven wanted to utilize his extensive Yoga and meditation background to provide a comfortable environment for both new and experience meditators to increase their levels of Self Awareness and Inner Peace. The focus of the meditation is on … Continue reading Better World Meditation